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Idenity Crisis


Food in identity crisis: Is it solid? A gel? Liquid? What would the TSA say? A vegetarian?

I have struggled to post regularly on this blog and I think that’s because I have been struggling to find my voice as a sex blogger. Being an anonymous blogger certainly hasn’t helped. I want to be authentic but I also understand the importance of maintaining my privacy and my public persona.  As a result I feel locked and unable to write anything.

And while I want to occasionally review some of my favorite toys (and maybe write a story about them every now and then… What I think I need from this blog is a place to grow- and maybe a few people to cheer me on now and then.

Solo here we go. Hopefully now I will start to find my footing here and things will get more regular and more interesting here. I also want this to be more regionally appropriate.

I’m completely in a place of transition in my life right now – and I think that some regular blogging will be good for me – to help me process and to feel like I’m a part of a community.

I’d love any insight related to anonymous blogging while maintaining authenticity… share it in the comments!

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