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A Magic, Glass (Wave) Wand


Today’s Confession… glass bulbous toyI’m a bit of an anal slut. And really, the word “bit” in that statement is definitely erroneously downplaying this kink of mine.

But it’s true. I enjoy things in my ass. Lots of things. Fingers. Cocks (and cock-shaped things). Vegetables occasionally. Plugs. Other toys. Lots of fun, IMO.

When I bought the Wave Wand, I had intended to use it both anally and vaginally (washing between uses, of course), though I’ve found that I much, much prefer this toy in my ass.

In its entirety, this toy is 7 inches long and about 1 inch thick.  And it’s amazing in my ass. The tip is perfectly thin – and feeling my ass accept each of the bloops and settle on the neck before the big bulb is fantastic. It’s one of the only toys that I have that will actually stay in my ass.  True, it’s glass – which means that it has absolutely no give to my ass muscles.

Glass Toys are so Pretty!

I don’t find this to be a problem for me with this toy (though it could be because of my love of all/most things anal).  It never feels “too hard.” When I use this toy – I feel full. I feel the toy. It’s not a toy that you can sometimes forget about. You’ll feel the presence of this toy.  It’s also great to push in and out gently with the bulb/handle – in fact, it’s this bulb/handle that makes it very anal safe.

Vaginally, it’s also fun, in a generic dildo kind of way. It can be good to feel the stroking/penetration but since it doesn’t hit my g-spot, I’m not enamored with it in my cunt. Not like I am when it’s in my ass.

The morning after: Cleaning the Wave Wand is easy-peasy. It’s glass which means to sterilize it you can throw it in the dishwasher (no soap), boil it or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Sterilizing your toy is always a good idea before you switch from ass to vagina or share it with someone.  You can also clean this toy with soap and water since it’s non-porous.

Gettin’ it naked: I bought this toy a LONG time ago so I don’t remember the packaging I experienced with this toy. Currently (when it’s in stock), it looks like the packaging is a little over-the-top. Way more plastic than is needed (booo on unneeded packaging that will likely end up in landfills).  Mine came with a red velvet bag for storage, but I can’t speak to Wave Wands that are sold more recently.

Sharpie provided for scale

Materials: Like I said – this toy is 100% glass- meaning you can play with temperatures (heat it in a bowl of hot water or cool it in an ice-water glass), and any kind of lubricant you want. The glass is completely seamless (I can’t imagine how much it would suck to have a hard seam on this) and smooth.  You’ll want to store it in a safe location – probably not in a drawer where it will be rolling back and forth, possibly causing it to chip or crack.

The Run Down: 7 inches long, about 1 inch thick/wide.

Moral of the Story: A good glass toy for the price. Definitely fun in the ass.


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